With a Cherry on Top

I started playing around with Second Life photos again. It’s becoming a habit. I look at all the fun shots at Flickr and I’m inspired.

This time I started with doing something fashion oriented. Here’s the outfit:

Wearing a beret and scarf

The outfit is brought to you by:

  • Hat: Cake’s Chloe cap
  • Hair: Sirena’s Madeline
  • Skin: Celestial Studios’ Vogue Skin in Champagne with Burgundy-Smoky makeup
  • Sweater: Frangipani Designs’ Turtleneck Sweater in Red
  • Scarf: Artilleri’s Funky Scarf in Cherry Knit
  • Earrings: Blaze’s Platinum and Ruby Cherry earrings
  • Pants: Launa Fauna’s Isabeaux black leather pants
  • Boots: ETD’s Calf Boots
  • Gloves: TaP’s leather gloves

I liked this so much I put this image together:

Beret and Scarf

So this isn’t much of a Second Life fashion blog, but I do what I can when I can, especially when cherries are involved!  😉


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