Sunday Night Not-So-Blues

I would be saddened that my weekend is about to end but as I’m off work tomorrow, and the day after is a holiday, my weekend is flowing along nicely, thank you. Relaxation is a wonderful thing.

Yesterday I did nothing but make a pot of beans (which I’ll be eating off of for weeks) and some homemade bread. God, I love homemade bread. I pulled out the bread maker when I started the beans because there’s nothing better than buttered homemade bread sopping up a bowl of beans. Please, I do not want to hear about the hazards of carbohydrates. It’s too delicious a hazard to give up.

I took Spencer out on a nice hike yesterday which seemed longer than it really was due to walking over packed snow. This has been unusual for us in Flagstaff. A foot or two of snow still sticking around over two weeks after it fell. We normally have a high melt-off rate, but the weather has stayed in the thirties for most of this time and we only end up with ice and not melting snow. Sliding around on my dirt road to get to my truck has been a challenge. Happily, today the temperature was above 40 degrees and my road is finally becoming a muddy, mucky mess that it should have been weeks ago.

Today, I saw a movie: PS: I Love You and found it appropriately soppy. Dawn, it’s a good chick flick — I cried several times. Then I spent some time reading up on Amazon’s Kindle. Why? Because I got one for Christmas. Yes, my sister bought me one, wrapping up the pages of information she printed off from the web site. No, she didn’t wrap an actual Kindle — they’re back ordered and I’m waiting to get it, but I’ve already started deciding on what books to load first.

Tonight I’m watching some older movies on DVD. Due to my mom discussing the Ocean’s 11 films and how she’d not seen them, I was interested again in seeing them all. Watched the first last night, just finished Ocean’s 12, and am about to put in Ocean’s 13. Yeah, my life is exciting, isn’t it?

No big plans for New Year’s Eve as I usually am too sleepy and too anti-social to do the party thing. Yeah, as I said, my life is exciting…really.


Ice Skating in Second Life

I tried. Really. I tried to get an action shot of me/Moran ice skating in Second Life, but manning the camera and moving about the ice were conflicting goals. My ice-skating skills are tremendous thanks to my skates from Skoopfz.

Why was I ice skating? Well, the Virtually Speaking event was non-speaking last night and only had skating and then dancing. Knowing this I decided to go shopping in advance and fit some skating practice in before heading on over to the event.

Both Townes and I got some skates and practiced. Here’s a shot of us managing to stand on ice with no wobbling:

Townes and Moran on skates

Here’s the one action shot I managed but it doesn’t show much:

Me skating

Hard to tell that I’m graceful and athletic on ice…another case where Second Life doesn’t match Real Life.

Click and Style

Can I just say that I find buying skin and hair in Second Life way too much fun? I love that I can change my look with a few mouse clicks. I can’t do this in real life.

Look at this as an example. I started out today with this look:

coat and sunglasses

I’m wearing some new hair from Philotic Energy. It’s the Ariadne style in black. I love its wispy but dramatic style.  With the hair I put on my new skin from Chai. It’s in the Cream tone and is the Mulberry makeup. This means that I must match the makeup with Maitreya’s Dune boots in red, Casa del Shai’s ruby-colored turtleneck, and Artilleri’s scarf in pink threads. The sunglasses are the Aviator glasses in black from Sand Shack Surf Co.

I had put this look together the night before and had done a bit of shopping. Well, it’s a whole new day today. In a few minutes I looked like this:

Rockstar style

This started with Sirena’s Rockstar hairstyle in jet, plus the Chai skin in Cream with the SIYU makeup. It’s the same Isabeaux leather pants, but with the Mirli sweater in purple from Maitreya with the gray camisole, Encore’s black and silver Celtic belt, and Maitreya’s Boot-alicious boots in ash leather with the dark gray socks.

I didn’t have to sit around with a curling iron or a blow drier to create a whole new style, nor did I have to stand in front of the mirror washing off old makeup and applying the new stuff. Nope, I just had to “wear” the hair and makeup. I’m telling you, this is so different than my attempts of style change in real life. In fact, I’ve just settled for a look that I use day after day. It’s easy, it fits my lifestyle, and I’m happy with it. Ah, but in Second Life? In Second Life I can achieve looks that I don’t even want to attempt in real life. It’s too much fun and, yes, it really is playing Barbie on a grand scale.

Of course, what would happen if we could “click and style” in real life? Would I do the same as in Second Life? I just might…as long as I don’t have to stand in front of the mirror for hours trying vainly to achieve a look, I’d be happy changing my appearance with a click or two.

Home and Work Again

Last night I drove over the rivers and through the woods back to my home, and really, when I say rivers I mean dry river beds Arizona style. Though the Verde River had some water flowing in it.

It’s good to be home. My cat Lulu missed Spencer and I. Poor Spencer, he’s been tired. He joined me at the Christmas Eve party and all those people and KIDS kind of left him in a shocked state. He was very good with the kids I am pleased to say, even with little Miguel whose idea of petting a dog was more like grabbing bits of fur and pulling.  Yeah, I guess Spence has every right to be catatonic.

Today is a semi-day off. I am doing some work from home, but am trying hard not to go in to the office. I’m on call and have done some work already, but am doing my best to space that out throughout the day.

Okay, back to goofing off.

No Coal for Me

Hmmmm…I must have been good. No coal from Santa. Some nice gifts, some good times, and a long, long Christmas day made for a nice holiday.

Yes, it was a  long day. Nieces and nephew managed to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to see if Santa came. He did! We managed to get them back to bed. I slept some more and then woke up at 7:00 and was the first one up for the second round of wakings. Jeez, the kids were still asleep…dang kids, didn’t they know what day it is And NOW they should get up?

After they arose we all had a grand morning. Santa brought my sis and bro-in-law bicycles along with ones for Jamie and David (a smart Spiderman training wheels bike). Last night after Christmas dinner we scared the neighbors by racing up and down the street (yeah, I managed to bring my bike down — who knew that Santa would provide for the others?)

I fell asleep on the couch way before the kids went to bed. Whether having to watch The Santa Clause caused me to sleep or whether I was just plain tired I conked out.

A very satisfactory holiday in all. But my question is, how bad do I have to be before Santa gives up and just gives me coal?

Holiday Wishes

Yep, I forgot to buy some gifts so had to run out and get them today. Everything’s wrapped and it’s time to load up and head off to visit family. I hope y’all have a great holiday, however you celebrate (or not celebrate) this time of year.

Holiday Wishes

Oh My

Okay, this caused a moment of confusion:

Thanks to Scalzi through Atrios.