Virtually Speaking

Virtually Speaking is a wonderful event in Second Life. Tonight’s interview covered Net Neutrality and other concerns in today’s political and social world. Every Thursday night we can hear people talk about their involvement in making this a smarter and better country. You can find the upcoming schedule here.

I even managed to take a few pics tonight. First shot is Tim Wu and Matt Stoller’s avatars in the interviewee seats. That’s Jimbo Hoyer doing the interviewing. The interview is streamed audio.

Wu and Stoller at VS

Me and others watching — really more like listening to — the interview:

Watching Virtually Speaking

I went for the retro studious look:

Me at Virtually Speaking

And for the frivolous part of me, there’s always dancing afterwards!

Dancing at the after party for Virtually Speaking

Politics and dancing. Now that’s a combo for some fun and it’s available every Thursday night in Second Life.


2 Responses to “Virtually Speaking”

  1. Tim Wu Says:

    Hey I saw you in audience, very studious indeed!

    That was a fun event.

  2. dilettanteville Says:


    It was fun. I think these talks are a great use of Second Life. I can’t imagine any other way I could watch you be interviewed in person.

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