Delaying Poses

I admit it. There’s no denying that I’m doing some pain avoidance here. The pain? Wrapping presents. They’re all piled on my dining table and all need to be wrapped. So, how am I avoiding this pain? Why creating more poses for Second Life.

It’s way too much fun. Some are poses that I started on some time ago and tweaked today. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (hey, those presents still need wrapping and I can avoid those all day if I have to):

Poses created today

One of the poses I created was used to show off some tattoos that I bought at Needles ‘n Skins. This photo has manage to become my most popular photo at Flickr. Do you think it’s due to the gorgeous tattoos or the fact that I’m not quite dressed?

my tattoos bought at Needles n Skins

Hmmm….so what else can I create in order not to wrap gifts? More poses? Some new shapes? Hey, maybe some shopping in SL! Now we’re talking.


One Response to “Delaying Poses”

  1. Posies « DilettanteVille Says:

    […] posted before about my manipulations of the Second Life avatar here, here, and here. There is something so satisfying to come up with a casual stand or a glamorous modeling pose. […]

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