Click and Style

Can I just say that I find buying skin and hair in Second Life way too much fun? I love that I can change my look with a few mouse clicks. I can’t do this in real life.

Look at this as an example. I started out today with this look:

coat and sunglasses

I’m wearing some new hair from Philotic Energy. It’s the Ariadne style in black. I love its wispy but dramatic style.  With the hair I put on my new skin from Chai. It’s in the Cream tone and is the Mulberry makeup. This means that I must match the makeup with Maitreya’s Dune boots in red, Casa del Shai’s ruby-colored turtleneck, and Artilleri’s scarf in pink threads. The sunglasses are the Aviator glasses in black from Sand Shack Surf Co.

I had put this look together the night before and had done a bit of shopping. Well, it’s a whole new day today. In a few minutes I looked like this:

Rockstar style

This started with Sirena’s Rockstar hairstyle in jet, plus the Chai skin in Cream with the SIYU makeup. It’s the same Isabeaux leather pants, but with the Mirli sweater in purple from Maitreya with the gray camisole, Encore’s black and silver Celtic belt, and Maitreya’s Boot-alicious boots in ash leather with the dark gray socks.

I didn’t have to sit around with a curling iron or a blow drier to create a whole new style, nor did I have to stand in front of the mirror washing off old makeup and applying the new stuff. Nope, I just had to “wear” the hair and makeup. I’m telling you, this is so different than my attempts of style change in real life. In fact, I’ve just settled for a look that I use day after day. It’s easy, it fits my lifestyle, and I’m happy with it. Ah, but in Second Life? In Second Life I can achieve looks that I don’t even want to attempt in real life. It’s too much fun and, yes, it really is playing Barbie on a grand scale.

Of course, what would happen if we could “click and style” in real life? Would I do the same as in Second Life? I just might…as long as I don’t have to stand in front of the mirror for hours trying vainly to achieve a look, I’d be happy changing my appearance with a click or two.


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