Home and Work Again

Last night I drove over the rivers and through the woods back to my home, and really, when I say rivers I mean dry river beds Arizona style. Though the Verde River had some water flowing in it.

It’s good to be home. My cat Lulu missed Spencer and I. Poor Spencer, he’s been tired. He joined me at the Christmas Eve party and all those people and KIDS kind of left him in a shocked state. He was very good with the kids I am pleased to say, even with little Miguel whose idea of petting a dog was more like grabbing bits of fur and pulling.  Yeah, I guess Spence has every right to be catatonic.

Today is a semi-day off. I am doing some work from home, but am trying hard not to go in to the office. I’m on call and have done some work already, but am doing my best to space that out throughout the day.

Okay, back to goofing off.


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