Ice Skating in Second Life

I tried. Really. I tried to get an action shot of me/Moran ice skating in Second Life, but manning the camera and moving about the ice were conflicting goals. My ice-skating skills are tremendous thanks to my skates from Skoopfz.

Why was I ice skating? Well, the Virtually Speaking event was non-speaking last night and only had skating and then dancing. Knowing this I decided to go shopping in advance and fit some skating practice in before heading on over to the event.

Both Townes and I got some skates and practiced. Here’s a shot of us managing to stand on ice with no wobbling:

Townes and Moran on skates

Here’s the one action shot I managed but it doesn’t show much:

Me skating

Hard to tell that I’m graceful and athletic on ice…another case where Second Life doesn’t match Real Life.


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