A Primary Vote that Means Something

Living in Arizona, I have never had the opportunity to vote in a primary where my vote might mean something.  Once upon a time our presidential primary was scheduled for early summer — always after the candidate had been selected. Last go around the primary was moved earlier but Kerry had already been anointed when it was time for me to vote. I still voted for Howard Dean, but it was a lost cause — sigh (remembers the crushing pain and rage at how that all turned out). Next Tuesday, I am voting and my vote may mean something.

John Edwards was my first choice and as it appeared that he didn’t have a chance I had to decide how to vote. I decided that I’d still vote for him. He could pick up some delegates and Clinton and Obama didn’t thrill me for various reasons. Then John Edwards told us he wasn’t running any longer.  It’s down to Clinton and Obama now. So who to vote for?

After a discussion about the vote with a co-worker (she’s still not sure who to vote for), and going over the pros and cons my co-worker labeled my thought process as “the devil you know or the devil you don’t.” I know that Clinton has disappointed me in the past with her “play it safe” votes and stances. Obama isn’t convincing me that he’ll fight for a progressive message, but I don’t know for sure that he won’t.  So, the devil I know or the devil I don’t?

At this moment, weighing those darn pros and cons, I think Obama gets my vote.



is working on homework while listening to Bush’s State of the Union speech.

PS: I Love You review

This was a movie that ended up being more enjoyable than I thought. Here’s the review.

Meet the Spartans – Sucky Spoof

I just saw Meet the Spartans and am about to write a review. I have to come up with 270 words when two will do just fine: it sucks.

If nothing else it did get me interested in finally seeing 300, which is in the DVD player right now.

Kindle Links

As something funky happened with my Kindle this morning (couldn’t get it out of sleep mode), I went out on the web to find info. There is lots of stuff to find right now. I’ve discovered some interesting bits of trivia about my Kindle. Did you know there’s a copy of Minesweeper on it? Press Shift+Alt+M while on Home and you can play the game.  Here are some of the helpful links that I’ve found:

The Amazon Kindle forums – I discovered how to best use the cover by reading these forums.

The whispernet coverage map – no wonder I don’t get the full EVDO wireless: I live in northern Arizona. I do get the regular wireless connection, but will have to wait for my Phoenix trips to see hoe the EVDO works. Though I swear that I did get it for about ten minutes my first night with the Kindle.

The Kindle Fan Guide (pdf) – this is where I learned the nifty Minesweeper info. It can also be purchased as a download from the Kindle store.

The Kindle Blog – I do love me my blogs. This blogger has lots of good links and more information about using the Kindle.

Manybooks.net – whoo hoo! Free books in Kindle format can be downloaded from here. I picked up Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Princess of Mars and Jean Webster’s Daddy Long Legs and will certainly be going back for more.

Oh, as for my problem with the Kindle, I seem to have it working. I didn’t have to reset it, but had to charge it and turn it off and on a few times and it’s working fine.  Now it’s time to go back to reading Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up.

Feeling Golden

I finished up my first paper for one of my classes. It’s turned in and I’m feeling good. So, after treating myself to some new books for my Kindle (Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life,” Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” and “Pride and Prejudice”) I thought I’d post a new Second Life pic or two.

Early this evening after completing some work and doing more essay writing, I popped in to SL. I’d seen some hair and a dress on the Fashion Planet feed and found myself lusting. The hair was from Here Comes Trouble and the dress is a beauty from House of Zen. I feel golden.

Me in the House of Zen cheongasm

Isn’t the texture gorgeous on the dress? Here’s another shot with some boots and stockings:

House of Zen dress with boots

Well, I like the dress. There is something about Chinese cheongsams that make me smile. I bought one once while shopping at a thrift store. It was a gorgeous aqua silk with gold designs and I snapped it up quickly. There weren’t very many opportunities to wear it, but who cares? It was too fun to have. I kept the dress for years until the moths chomped on it and made it too indecent to wear.

So, I love that I can take a break from essay writing and relax. Unfortunately, I still need to think about my next round of homework. Fortunately, I can wear a pretty dress while doing it.

Thinking about homework


Due to homework, workwork, and just feeling overwhelmed I haven’t been in Second Life much lately. In Second Life I don’t have that frazzled look that I’m wearing in Real Life. In fact, I look damn good. That’s why this video that my friend Dawn told me about makes me laugh in recognition. Hey, other than the fact that I’m female, and I don’t live with my parents, this song does explain my love of Second Life:

(if it doesn’t open go here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7GcVnhNjWV0)