Super Night

Last Friday night was the final Dancing Liberally of 2007. The theme wasn’t a New Year’s theme though, it was a Superhero theme.

My original intention was just to show up in regular street wear, add a pair of glasses, and claim I was dressed as the superhero’s alter ego. Then Townes and I popped in at Heroes Unlimited. Offering all kinds of superhero costumes I was seduced by the shop’s various outfits. Townes picked up a Flash outfit that allowed him to race across the land at high speed. I was tempted by a Black Canary costume, but it wasn’t the old costume I remembered and looked like an updated Black Canary. As someone who used to read comics religiously back in the 1970s I wasn’t accepting of the newer look. I did know about the X-Men’s Phoenix — Dr. Jean Gray’s super alter-ego. The costume came with eyes, red-haired wig, and magic aura shooting from hands and feet. What more could a superhero want?

All dressed up and crossing publisher’s lines — DC’s Flash (Townes) and Marvel’s Phoenix (me) sharing a hug:

The Flash and the Phoenix

Dancing at Dancing Liberally:

Dancing at Dancing Liberally

Serenity, who is fond of the color pink, showed up as the Super Pink Thing and used her awesome powers to turn some of us pink:

Pink Power

Though I wear black hair in Second Life, I purposely chose not to go as Wonder Woman — the one brunette female superhero found at Heroes Unlimited. I’m glad I didn’t pick that outfit. She was highly represented at the dance. There were at least three there. Here’s a shot with two of them:

Dancing Heroes

My favorite costume for the night was by Kimo. He showed up as that beloved superhero from my memory:

Kimo's Captain Kangaroo

You young whippersnappers may not remember Captain Kangaroo, but there’s a generation of us that grew up watching him on TV. It’s funny to watch him doing the chicken dance here.

Yes, it was fun to be a superhero, but hey, in Second Life I can fly, transport instantly to were I need to go, and can shop at a moment’s notice. Now that’s a power I think is pretty darn super.


2 Responses to “Super Night”

  1. Harper Says:

    Oooooo-kay; I will never think of the Captain, the Sainted Captain (Oh, Captain, my Captain!) in quite that way….


  2. dilettanteville Says:

    Harper — well, the Captain was pretty super and he was sort of a hero, right? 😉

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