Skin Shopping

I’ve gone on a tear in Second Life picking up all kinds of new skins. I don’t know why, but I’m finding skins that just have seduced me into spending the big bucks — or lindens in this case.

After having a very frugal several weeks in Second Life due to not logging in at all (that really saves you money in Second Life, doesn’t it?), I went in before Christmas and found Launa Fauna’s Chai skins. Oh my. I picked up five new skins. Here they are:

New Chai skins

Top – Cream tone with Mulberry and SIYU makeups
Middle – Ginger tone with Nude and Becca makeups
Bottom – Nutmeg tone with Cole makeup

I ran around wearing these for a week or so and then I picked up a skin that I demoed a while back but finally decided to go for. It’s from Sin Skins and is part of the Ton Visage line and is the Cocoa Espresso Glam makeup. I just loved the makeup and how it gave me a different look:

My Sin Skins' Glam Cocoa Espresso makeup

Then yesterday I went back. I picked up another makeup in this tone and line, but I tried out the Sakura line and fell in love. Here it is in the Porcelain tone with the Runway makeup:

My new Sakura skin in Porecelain-Runway makeup

By the way, if you’re new to skin shopping, I didn’t change any facial features. It’s the skin that gives me the differing looks. I’m telling you, skins are so much of the look of an avatar. Sure, it helps to have different hairstyles (I’m wearing Sirena’s Rockstar in 1st photo, Philotic Energy’s Ariadne in the second photo, and Tami McCoy’s Babycakes in the last one) and all kinds of clothes, but the skins can make you look sweet or more elegant. I’ve written about skins before in my “How to Skin an Avatar” post and I still find the subject fascinating.

Hmmm….where to go skin shopping next?


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