Feeling Golden

I finished up my first paper for one of my classes. It’s turned in and I’m feeling good. So, after treating myself to some new books for my Kindle (Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life,” Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” and “Pride and Prejudice”) I thought I’d post a new Second Life pic or two.

Early this evening after completing some work and doing more essay writing, I popped in to SL. I’d seen some hair and a dress on the Fashion Planet feed and found myself lusting. The hair was from Here Comes Trouble and the dress is a beauty from House of Zen. I feel golden.

Me in the House of Zen cheongasm

Isn’t the texture gorgeous on the dress? Here’s another shot with some boots and stockings:

House of Zen dress with boots

Well, I like the dress. There is something about Chinese cheongsams that make me smile. I bought one once while shopping at a thrift store. It was a gorgeous aqua silk with gold designs and I snapped it up quickly. There weren’t very many opportunities to wear it, but who cares? It was too fun to have. I kept the dress for years until the moths chomped on it and made it too indecent to wear.

So, I love that I can take a break from essay writing and relax. Unfortunately, I still need to think about my next round of homework. Fortunately, I can wear a pretty dress while doing it.

Thinking about homework


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