A Primary Vote that Means Something

Living in Arizona, I have never had the opportunity to vote in a primary where my vote might mean something.  Once upon a time our presidential primary was scheduled for early summer — always after the candidate had been selected. Last go around the primary was moved earlier but Kerry had already been anointed when it was time for me to vote. I still voted for Howard Dean, but it was a lost cause — sigh (remembers the crushing pain and rage at how that all turned out). Next Tuesday, I am voting and my vote may mean something.

John Edwards was my first choice and as it appeared that he didn’t have a chance I had to decide how to vote. I decided that I’d still vote for him. He could pick up some delegates and Clinton and Obama didn’t thrill me for various reasons. Then John Edwards told us he wasn’t running any longer.  It’s down to Clinton and Obama now. So who to vote for?

After a discussion about the vote with a co-worker (she’s still not sure who to vote for), and going over the pros and cons my co-worker labeled my thought process as “the devil you know or the devil you don’t.” I know that Clinton has disappointed me in the past with her “play it safe” votes and stances. Obama isn’t convincing me that he’ll fight for a progressive message, but I don’t know for sure that he won’t.  So, the devil I know or the devil I don’t?

At this moment, weighing those darn pros and cons, I think Obama gets my vote.


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