Went for my regular visit to the polling place and said hi to one of my old co-workers. I see her every election as she is in charge of the voting operation every election. I usually vote early, but am usually volunteering to pick up tear sheets and other activities for the county democratic party. It was weird to just go in and vote.

It looks like the turnout for my precinct place is higher than normal. Last time it was 305 votes for the whole day. I went in about noon and I was number 329.

I can’t wait to see what the results look like tonight. Has Obama got the momentum? Can Clinton succeed? It should be interesting.

Oh, and I just loved hearing what my 5-year old nephew calls Obama. When looking at Obama on the cover of a magazine he was asked if he could name the person. Sure, it was that guy running for president, Racky Banani! Poor Barack Obama, it can’t be easy to have a name like his, can it?

By the way, Mr. Banani got my vote.


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