Ava’s Earrings

I’ve put in the DVD of Night of the Iguana. I had seen it years ago on TV. I think it was so long ago that I was in grade school. I doubt I got some of the not-so-subtext (a sentence referring to dykes and calling a woman “Butch” probably went right by me).

I’m enjoying the movie, but a nagging sense of familiarity gnawed at me as I watched Ava Gardner. Then it dawned on me why I keep gazing at her as she plays the brash and lusty Maxine. It’s her earrings. Giant hoops hanging from her ears seem so familiar to me. I think I fell in love with her character so many years ago and fell in love with her look, including her loose-fitting, wide-necked blouse and capri pants. I always want to dress this way.

Hoop earrings? I rarely wear anything but hoops in my ears, though much smaller than Ava’s large, dangling earrings. I don’t wear capris and blouses like Ava, but then again, it’s snowing here in Flagstaff. Still, if I could dress like this, I would. Hey, if I could look like Ava Gardner while dressed this way I wouldn’t even care about the snow.

I don’t know what people think about the movie, but if nothing else,  I do know that watching it those many years ago,  it set my fashion taste, especially in earrings.

Ava Gardner in Night of the Iguana


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