These Boots are Made…

I don’t get into Second Life much lately due to my lame attempts to be a good student in Real Life. When I do get in it’s not for social events — I so miss Dancing Liberally and Virtually Speaking and the other fun stuff. So when I do go in it’s for more solitary pursuits like trying on clothes and hair, and of course, shopping.

I went on a boot buying spree a week or so ago and love my purchases. In real life I have about 10 pairs of shoes. In Second Life I have over 20 pairs of boots — I shudder to think what my total shoe count is in my inventory. Anyway, here are some of the boots I picked up in my massive linden redistribution scheme:

New boots

The top two pairs are from J’s. They’re the Vintage Short Boots and the Western Boots in brown. The bottom two boots come with two options. The Cheetah boots from Bax Coen Designs come with regular calf-length or over-the-knee options. J’s (yes I really redistributed my lindens at this shop) Loose Fit boots comes with a buckle option.

I loved my new boots so much that I had to try various outfits on. Here’s what I came up with in my effort to play Barbie in Boots:

Outfits for my new boots

The hair is Armidi’s Poynter and the skin is PXL’s Linda with the fashion eyes and coffee lips. The clothes are a mish-mash of items from my inventory. The boots? Well, they’re made for walkin’.

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2 Responses to “These Boots are Made…”

  1. Red Hat Fedora Unbuntu Linux » Blog Archive » These Boots are Made… Says:

    […] … The clothes are a mish-mash of items from my inventory. The boots?… source: These Boots are Made…, […]

  2. Jillan Says:

    Yet again, shopping at the same store. lol

    I love the cowboy boots from J’s, best in SL I think, but I’ve never tried the Loose Fit boots. Glad to see that they’re so hawt. I may need a return trip to J’s.

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