Happy Leap Day

What a magical day is Leap Day, that event that happens every four years. For all of you who are born on February 29, let me wish you a splendiferous birthday today. I love the illogic of calculating birthdays for those born on this day. It makes me think of poor Frederic in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance, forced to fulfill out his indenturehood as a pirate due to the issue of having a birthday that comes around every four years. Why, it’s a paradox for him:

You know what is especially amazing on this February 29? Paid every other week I average two checks a month, but every year there are two months where I receive three paychecks. My third paycheck of the month came today..in February. What are the odds?


One Response to “Happy Leap Day”

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    […] my post on Leap Day and watching the clip from Pirates of Penzance, I found myself needing to see the movie […]

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