Inevitable Post about Second Life…with Pictures

I can’t resist it. Even though my time in Second Life remains limited I still find time to buy items, try on clothes, and have a grand time. I’ve taken photos and loaded them to my Flickr account, but haven’t shared them with you. Some of you may have felt very lucky about this lack of Second Life ego tripping. Well, guess what? I’m forcing my pics on you whether you like them or not.

New sweater, hair, and glasses had me out on the side deck taking pictures:

green outfit in front of sunset

The next one is me dressing up. I didn’t go anywhere, other than my photo studio to take pictures. I then had to come up with a background in GIMP. Not perfect, but I like the effect:
Black and Gold outfit

The last is a pic of two different looks. One is me in my more serious, got to get some work done mode; the other is silly party girl. I even decided to go out dancing in my red outfit and ended up at a dance advertised as “Best in Red.” Well, I was certainly wearing red. To my surprise, the dance was at a BDSM club. Let’s just say that I was out of place:

different looks

Neither look really fits into the leather and chains world do they? Yes, definitely out of place.


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