Dancing with Myself

The other morning I put on a cute, little Spring dress, added some jewelry, the heels, and put on the music to dance around the living room. I thought I looked cute:

The dress, a 1 linden special from Imagen, was made for dancing around. It got me so motivated that I decided to dance around my real life living room. Of course, no cute little dress clad my dancing body. Do sweat pants count as parts of Spring outfits?


A Fun B Movie

I just got back from seeing The Bank Job. Now that’s a  movie that doesn’t try to be anything more than a “heist and try to getaway” kind of movie that makes for fun watching. A solid B rating, especially as I didn’t have to turn off my brain. The complex script gives us a variety of bad guys, all with good motivation to go after the “heroes” of the movie (a band of bank robbers who find themselves way over their heads).

Of course, I may like the film so much because it stars Jason Statham, one of my film heartthrobs. I admit it, I’m weak for a tough guy with a cockney accent.

Seeing it Again

Thanks to JA’s write-up of Singin’ in the Rain on The Film Experience blog, I found myself forced to put the movie into the DVD player for the umpteenth time. JA had never seen the film and as part of an experiment he took votes on what two musicals he should see for the first time. West Side Story and Singin’ in the Rain won the vote. His opinion on West Side Story was mixed, but Singin’ had him excited:

Two hours of shameless mugging and buffoonery? Singin’ in the Rain is a disgrace to the “talkies”

Riiiiight. You have to go read it for the full effect.

But try to imagine the ability to see the movie for the first time. Sure, you know that it’s a classic and loved by film fans, but you’ve never seen it. It’s an old movie so may not hold up to current standards or it just could end up a boring movie. I remember the first time that I saw it. This was waaaaaaay before video and I had to watch it on TV, interrupted by commercials, late one night. I didn’t really know the story, but had seen some of the dance numbers in documentaries. So I gasped and laughed the first time movie star Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) opened her mouth and…um…talked.

Here’s the trailer:

I’d love to see it again, but see it for that first time.


I got nothing. No cute videos to show you, no good movies I’m watching, no fun books I’m reading.

Hmmm…I guess this happens in blogland.  All right, I’ll do the desperate blog action. I’m linking to a LOLCat image.

LoLcats- I has a bug

Now I’ll take my bug and me and go back to bed.


This is a joke, isn’t it? Please tell me it is, and it wasn’t done with serious intentions:

Nomad of Second Life

My life has changed in Second Life. Townes has decided to create more calm in his life by not spending so much time in Second Life. He has good reason. After all, he has to spend time prepping and creating his radio show. His online station is Blue Roots Radio, and offers great music with some good liberal commentary. You can hear him here.

Of course, if he’s not going to spend time in Second Life, what happens to our island estate? What happens to our mansion by the sea? What happens to me? Why, it begins a new phase for me!

First we had to pack up our belongings, which is easy — just select the “return to owners” option for items on the land. I wish packing up was that easy in real life. Then, the land, and the tier payments, needed to go bye-bye. I put it up for sale.

island for sale

Luckily, Townes and I found buyers for the land and didn’t have to abandon it.

Well, now the fun began. I went off to find a nice little rental somewhere. Where to go? Ah, how about London? Yes, a nice, little flat in Knightsbridge sounded just peachy. I found the cutest place and rented it for a few weeks. Only one problem…the prim limit. I forgot about that, living on my large estate. The flat only allowed for 100 prims. It took all of 10 minutes to hit that limit. I didn’t even make it to the top floor — I had to leave it bare.

I did have fun decorating the ground floor:

ground floor view 1

I could hang up my Van Gogh prints purchased when visiting the exhibit:

ground floor view 2

I could even relax in front of the fireplace while I read:

ground floor view 3

You know what’s really funny about all this? I’ve already moved. I now live in a cottage that allows for more prims. It isn’t as classy looking, but it does have character.

Cottage exterior

Do you want to see more photos? Follow the link….

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Mad Love

I discovered this clip from Conan O’Brien that tells me that my feelings about George Clooney are shared by others.

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