Baseball and Wildflowers

I’m back in town after enjoying a few days in the Phoenix area. My trip included an outing at Hohokam Park to watch the Cubs play a game with the Oakland A’s. Great seats, plus fun company (my sister, niece, and nephew) made for a fun time.

My niece, Jamie — who warned me she wouldn’t really enjoy watching a game, as it’s not her thing — even had lots of fun. She started yelling and clapping along, cheering the Cubs. It helped that the game was fast moving without a lot of hits until the 7th inning. Things picked up when Derreck Lee hit a home run, and a few more hits and run happened. Unfortunately, the A’s managed to come back and beat the Cubs 5 to 3 after the 8th inning. Still, it was a game you could enjoy.

One of the pleasant parts of Arizona at this time of year, besides spring training games, is seeing the beauty of the Sonoran desert. After several years of drought, the La Niña weather pattern brought some good storms to Arizona. Once I hit the low desert you could see the effects. Saguaros no longer looked skinny and strung out as they had in the past, but were pleasingly plump. Green was the predominant color for the grasses along the road, and yes, I know my idea of green grasses are different than someone from a wet climate. I’ve made the comment before about how green the desert looks to someone not familiar with this environment. I usually get a blank stare and a “Green? Where?”

And then there were the wildflowers. Penstemon, Arizona lupines, and desert marigolds bloomed among the hills and along the road. Considering how backed up traffic seemed for a good chunk of the trip back home today, my grumbling was kept to a minimum as I gazed out at the carpet of flowers along the way.

wildflower shot

I discovered this Arizona wildflower report with plenty of pictures. The above photo is from that site.

It’s a beautiful year for wildflowers. If you live in or near the desert do try and get out to see them. Drought conditions are likely to continue in the long run, so take advantage of the views while you can. And why not take in a game while you’re at it? It looks like you have the rest of March to enjoy the sunshine, the Cracker Jacks, and the wild pitches.


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