Nomad of Second Life

My life has changed in Second Life. Townes has decided to create more calm in his life by not spending so much time in Second Life. He has good reason. After all, he has to spend time prepping and creating his radio show. His online station is Blue Roots Radio, and offers great music with some good liberal commentary. You can hear him here.

Of course, if he’s not going to spend time in Second Life, what happens to our island estate? What happens to our mansion by the sea? What happens to me? Why, it begins a new phase for me!

First we had to pack up our belongings, which is easy — just select the “return to owners” option for items on the land. I wish packing up was that easy in real life. Then, the land, and the tier payments, needed to go bye-bye. I put it up for sale.

island for sale

Luckily, Townes and I found buyers for the land and didn’t have to abandon it.

Well, now the fun began. I went off to find a nice little rental somewhere. Where to go? Ah, how about London? Yes, a nice, little flat in Knightsbridge sounded just peachy. I found the cutest place and rented it for a few weeks. Only one problem…the prim limit. I forgot about that, living on my large estate. The flat only allowed for 100 prims. It took all of 10 minutes to hit that limit. I didn’t even make it to the top floor — I had to leave it bare.

I did have fun decorating the ground floor:

ground floor view 1

I could hang up my Van Gogh prints purchased when visiting the exhibit:

ground floor view 2

I could even relax in front of the fireplace while I read:

ground floor view 3

You know what’s really funny about all this? I’ve already moved. I now live in a cottage that allows for more prims. It isn’t as classy looking, but it does have character.

Cottage exterior

Do you want to see more photos? Follow the link….

Here’s the downstairs:

Cottage downstairs view 1

Cottage downstairs view 2

And the upstairs…

Cottage upstairs view

And yes, it needs some furniture. I’ll get to it. Meanwhile, I’m relaxing.

cottage relaxing


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