Nice and Cheap

No, nice and cheap doesn’t refer to me. I’m mean and expensive. What has been nice and cheap lately has been some purchases in Second Life. Yak & Yeti has some freebie sarees, undies, jeans, dresses, t-shirts, and jewelry. I picked up a bunch. Here’s a few of what I spent some zero lindens on:

Yak & Yeti freebies

Pretty, huh?

The next set of dresses came from Imagen that was offering a variety of dresses, all quite summery, for one linden each. Too much fun:

Imagen dresses

Okay, I still spend more than one linden for clothes. I picked this up at Closet. It’s called the Happy Dress. Yes, it does make me happy, especially as it came in orange.

Happy Dress from Closet

All right. It’s back to homework and then off to see a movie to review (Nim’s Island). I just have to wait before I can go back in to Second Life and spend more money. Here I am, Moran Singh, waiting for that moment to arrive:

Waiting in Second Life


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