Part of Our First Amendment is Wasted

You know the part of the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of the press? Jeez, the press sure knows how to make me want to take it away from them. And to think that I used to get angry at people who thought the press shouldn’t have all that freedom. That used to piss me off. Lately though, I can understand that attitude.

First, some good journalism actually happens: we find out about our leaders approving and detailing how to torture (no, forget “harsh” or “enhanced” “interrogation techniques” – it’s torture), but instead of this being the major story in every newspaper it just seems to be background noise to a possible Obama “gaffe”. The whole “bitter” thing gets much more airplay.

Tonight was the debate in Philadelphia between Senators Clinton and Obama. Do the well-payed “journalists” hosting the debate (Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous) even try to ask substantive questions? Oh, hell no. It’s all about flag pins, patriotism of a preacher, sniper fire in Bosnia, and whatever stupid campaign gaffes they can drag up. Iraq? Health care? Gas prices? Mortgage meltdowns? Global climate crisis? Rising food prices? Oh, those are silly things to ask about when they can dig into the “important” trivial issues:

More time was spent on all of this than segments on getting out of Iraq and keeping people from losing their homes and other key issues. Gibson only got excited when he complained about anyone daring to raise taxes on his capital gains.

The traditional media outlets are a joke, and ABC is one of the worst. I gather that Stephanopolous got some question coaching from Sean Hannity of Fox News! Yet it was ABC that broke the story about the administration’s involvement in the torture plans. So, what is their problem? And the news media wonders why they are losing credibility.

More journalism, less trivia!


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