Highly Defining my TV

I just got off the phone with a lovely woman asking me questions for a survey about the law about high definition TV (HDTV). Next year we’ll all need either a TV that is high definition or at least a converter box to make our old-fashioned TVs compatible. It was interesting answering these questions, because even though I told the woman that I don’t care about the upcoming change I still had to hear all the options. I mean, I don’t watch “TV” — I only watch DVDs. I get no cable, no satellite service, no local signals. I live commercial-free.

Questions about what I’m going to do next February when the law goes into effect, didn’t apply to me. I told her that I’d just do what I’m doing now: put the DVD in and watch it. The real fun questions dealt with how I heard about the law… did I hear about it from a TV commercial or show? Um, excuse me? No TV watching, remember?

If the time comes when my TV breaks down or I decide to succumb to the temptations of cable or satellite I will buy the right kind of TV to play what I need to play. Until then? Sorry, I can’t answer these questions with any urgency.


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