Another New Place for Moran

My nomadic existence in Second Life continues. It’s no longer cottage living for me. Now I’m in the suburbs and I even have a garage. It’s a nice place:

y place in Al Nasi

The living room (and yes, I do like the sherbety colors don’t I?):

my living room

The upstairs that still needs furnishing:


And, of course, the garage:

The garage at my place

My latest car will fit in the garage with lots of room to spare:

The Oui Coupe from Curio Obscura

This is the Oui Coupe from Curio Obscura and offers lots of fun. So it’s only the size of a breadbox? Who cares? Just check this out:

Getting in the car

Other than my skirt hanging out I can squeeze into it nicely (and it makes me giggle every time). It comes in handy when there’s not a lot of space.

2 Responses to “Another New Place for Moran”

  1. Creag Emmons Says:

    Love the house… and the car! I’ve looked at those and wondered if you got *in* or just *on* one, and now I know. My fiance has been after me to get her a Mini Cooper… do you suppose she’d be happy with a Oui Coupe instead?

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    Oh, just to watch yourself squeezed into the Oui Coupe makes you smile! Can you say the same about a Mini Cooper? Though, thinking about it, a Mini Cooper makes me smile also. 😉

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