Whew. It’s hard work.

Pose I created...whew

Okay, it’s not hard work — it’s fun. I keep playing with QAvimator and have come up with tons of poses.

Without poses we would have only the default pose. It’s rather…eh.:

Default avatar pose

Designing my own, I can upload the poses, called “Animations” per Second Life, and then either put them in my Animation Override tool or just play them as needed. For newbies, to play an animation you just have to find them in your inventory, under the Animations folder. Right click the item and select either “Play Locally” (only you can see your avatar posing) or the “Play in World” (everyone sees it!).

Poses are great for taking modeling shots, or to try to create a mood. I do like trying to come up with some. Here’s a good chunk of my pose styling:

chunk of poses

I’ve posted before about my manipulations of the Second Life avatar here, here, and here. There is something so satisfying to come up with a casual stand or a glamorous modeling pose. It’s like playing with a Barbie that can really bend!


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