Damn that Sex and the City

Sex and the City movieDamn that Sex and the City movie. Damn it to hell.

Yes, there is plenty to scoff at with all the silly fashions and ugly, expensive shoes and purses that the gals fuss over. And why the hell would anyone wear high-heeled booties when it is snowing? Ack. Yes, so much to scoff at.

What I can’t seem to scoff at is the romance part of the movie. We get love and heartbreak and love again. Damn them. I am such a sucker for this. I think there must be a bit of Charlotte in me that every now and then overpowers my inner Miranda.

What’s fascinating is that I am not the only idiotic sucker out there who is seeing the movie tonight. Walking out of the movie I checked out the line for the next showing. It was long line and very estrogenated. I swear that there wasn’t a single guy in that line. I hope they enjoy it as much as me. Us fans of the Sex and the City series get the load of “happily ever after” stuff that I am a sucker for. Damn it.

Still, I can scoff — Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha really need to wear some sensible shoes once in a while. Maybe trade in those Manolo Blahniks for some hiking boots or clogs?



You know what’s fun about Second Life? The fact that you can have a long, lovely chat with someone from England about politics, literature, history, and cricket — all, while you’re dancing.

Oh, and this was after listening to an interesting interview with Rick Perlstein, the author of Nixonland.

Just to show that I’m not all about intellectual pursuits (is cricket intellectual?) let me throw in a gratuitous fashion photo of my Second Life avatar:

Moran in Adam n Eve's Catwalk dress

Whew. I feel better now. Shallowness is much more comfy.

There’s Still a Chance for Me

So what do I see when I check in at the MSNBC.com site? Great news!

George Clooney has split with his girlfriend of almost a year, Sarah Larson, according to several reports.

I felt so shallow for opening up that story over all the substantive news at the main MSNBC.com page that I proceeded to open up every serious-sounding headline in order to make up for my sinking into celebrity worship.

Of course, George Clooney is one celebrity worth worshiping.

Indiana Jones DVD Collection review

Yes, I went to see the new Indiana Jones film this last weekend as part of my birthday celebration. My 9-year old niece was nervous to go see it because of the scary parts. Well let’s just say that the new movie doesn’t have a lot of scary parts and my niece only needed to hide her eyes (or me hide her eyes) just a few times. I still enjoyed the new movie, but it wasn’t quite the surprising delight that the first Indians Jones film was — but then, none of the sequels has managed to live up to that first film.

As part of my preparation for the new movie I treated myself to the DVD collection. It’s worth it just for the special features. I got such a kick out of Alfred Molina talking about one of his first film appearances as the guy who ends up covered with tarantulas at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I gather the male tarantulas become more active when a female tarantula is added to the mix, which is especially unnerving when they are becoming active all over you.

I wrote up a review of the collection, which you can find here.


I’m back from Phoenix. My movie and then dinner with some family members for my birthday ended up as a big party (sneaky sister at work). Not only was there a party, but my lovely family put together a family roast. Oh god.

I got the traditional bib and old person gifts, but I also had to put up with some awful jokes from my brothers. Of course, there is nothing more fun than booing a brother. My old friend offered some of the wisdom she learned from me (like kitty litter is the solution when your untended garlic bread starts a fire — it puts fires out nicely). The top gift was watching my niece and her cousin perform a dance that they had rehearsed all afternoon.

All together it was a nice time. Getting older isn’t that bad.

Getting Older

It’s my birthday today. I’m jumping into a new set of numbers here. My age no longer starts with a four — no, it’s now a five. Isn’t 50 the new…um…what? 30? 40? 49?

Anyway, I made a movie about getting older.

My Getting Older movie.

I’m heading down to Phoenix to join family in celebrating my new age. I also get to go see the new Indiana Jones movie with them. I’m all for Indiana Jones — the getting older part I’m not so into.

City Election

I just got back from an election night party for Karla Brewster. Karla ran for the Flagstaff City Council and worked so hard to campaigning. That hard work paid off — she’s now one of the new city council people voted into office. I’m so excited for Karla. She’s been a long-time DFAer here in Flag. She’s just a wonderful person and deserves the win.

I must admit that I find election night gatherings much more fun when the folks you want to win actually do so. May the rest of the year work out just that way.