Lazy Shoe Day

I am suffering a major case of the lazies. The only thing I’ve done today, besides a visit to my chiropractor, is play around in Second Life and watched Elizabeth (great film).

Second Life at least offered some activity. I went shopping. Every time I go to MichaMi’s fashion blog she always has great shoes on. Lately, the styles that make me stop and look all come from Armidi. Well, that’s where I went and I didn’t buy only shoes. Oh no. All kinds of fun clothes.

My Armidi spree

The shoes are nice, right? But what really makes it is a little white dress. I love that in Second Life I do not have to hold in my gut when I wear something snug. Snug? Oh hell, this white dress is tight. And who can deny the charms of a well put-together 70s disco hot-pants outfit? The gold shoes do go well with the gold shirt. The vest is from one of Armidi’s male outfits.

I put together some other outfits, but added some of my new purchases from a store called Bland. If you could call goldfish pants and bold red tops bland, then the name fits. The rest is more pieces from the various Armidi shops.

Armidi and Bland clothes

The shoes? The shoes are all Armidi’s. I could begin to like wearing heels all the time. . . when I’m not being totally lazy.


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