My Day of Suffering

Why does it happen during a day off? I get hit by a nasty stomach bug and so much for my scheduled fun events. I certainly didn’t plan on hours and hours of standing over the toilet bowl barfing my guts out. Trust me, I wouldn’t schedule anything like that, ’cause there is nothing fun about it. I do admit that I did plan to lie around for a chunk of the weekend, but my plans didn’t include so much moaning and groaning.

Anyway, I’m better today, just wiped out. I’ve manage to watch several DVDs, as reading was out of the question. Goal!, 27 Dresses, and Best in Show (an old favorite), have seen me through yesterday afternoon and this morning. I’ve watched them all at least twice since it’s too much work to put another dvd in. Luckily I do like the bonus features and the audio commentary. In my case yesterday it was all perfect to nap to.

Anyway, I’m alive. I am no longer standing over the toilet, and no longer moaning and groaning.

At least my cat, Lulu, was nicer than this kitty.

LOLcats - barfing and cat


One Response to “My Day of Suffering”

  1. dawn Says:

    Don’t be so sure you’re done with it. It’s been a week and I’m still not totally well (and I’ve heard others say they’ve had it for 2 weeks). It’s a nasty one. Blech.

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