Indiana Jones DVD Collection review

Yes, I went to see the new Indiana Jones film this last weekend as part of my birthday celebration. My 9-year old niece was nervous to go see it because of the scary parts. Well let’s just say that the new movie doesn’t have a lot of scary parts and my niece only needed to hide her eyes (or me hide her eyes) just a few times. I still enjoyed the new movie, but it wasn’t quite the surprising delight that the first Indians Jones film was — but then, none of the sequels has managed to live up to that first film.

As part of my preparation for the new movie I treated myself to the DVD collection. It’s worth it just for the special features. I got such a kick out of Alfred Molina talking about one of his first film appearances as the guy who ends up covered with tarantulas at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I gather the male tarantulas become more active when a female tarantula is added to the mix, which is especially unnerving when they are becoming active all over you.

I wrote up a review of the collection, which you can find here.


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