Is it Cool Yet?

I really do hate hanging out on my laptop when the weather is warm. May our summer rains come soon and cool things off.


Movie Enchantment with a Robot

Pixar sure knows how to take an unconventional story and come up with something enchanting. Think of Finding Nemo, for god’s sake. A fish frantically looking for his son? Oh that’s sure to be entertaining. And yes, it was.

Now it’s a movie about a dirty, post-apocalyptic Earth and a Hello Dolly-watching robot. And I have to say, Wall-E is great.


He’s just so plucky. And really, you have to love any movie where the audience gasps in sadness and dismay when a cockroach is squashed.

Sucking Mad

I just watched Mad Money, starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes. It pretty much sucked. But it didn’t suck as bad as the pilot “comedy” I had to watch for a survey. Of course, it ended up that it wasn’t a survey about the pilot, but certain products seen in a commercial. It was kind of silly how they make you watch a fake TV show in order to get your opinion about vitamins. I wouldn’t mind so much, but making me watch some horrid, unfunny, sucky comedy for almost a half hour makes me irritated.

Enjoying Sunday Morning

I managed to wake up early and even get out of bed early, which always gives me a sense of accomplishment. Of course, it’s really due to the heat. Lounging in bed isn’t that comfortable when the temperatures rise above normal. It’s been in the high 80s the last week, and it does get warm inside.

So what’s a gal to do on a hot day? Why get up and get out. I finally made it to our local Farmers Market that happens every Sunday morning in Flagstaff. It starts in early June and continues until October. It’s happened for several years, but I’ve never gone before. Hey, getting up early is not my usual thing, much less get dressed and into town. Well, it’s much easier when I still have a few more days off (flexible work schedule, plus a vacation day) and this isn’t my last weekend day to relax.

I picked up a variety of items. I’m most excited about the rhubarb jam and the green zebra tomato I bought. I mentally know that there are all kinds of tomatoes that never make it to the grocery store, but seeing them in front of me had my jaw dropping. What the heck? All kinds of colors, sizes, and markings. The lovely woman manning the table answered my questions and she helped me pick out the green zebra. Now, I’m not a super tomato fan. I like them in sauces, salsas, and on sandwiches, but I don’t normally drool over a tomato. Yet, I’m excited by this one. May I not be zebra tomato

The rest of my morning should stay relaxed. I’ll sit here and think about how to fix the tomato, surf the web, putter around doing some cleaning, and enjoy the day.  Now that’s a nice Sunday morning.

Piece of Paper

On the bright side of life — versus the dark side of paying for auto repair (see below) — my diploma arrived. I have that piece of paper stating I actually completed enough classes to earn a Master’s degree.

Stimulating the Economy

Ouch. My stimulus check is going to be stimulating my mechanic. A tune-up, belts and hoses replacement, and various other tweaks on my 15 year-old truck came to a higher amount than what I wanted to pay. Well hey, I only wanted to pay $75, so anything over that is irritating, but when the grand total is going to be about a thousand bucks, it is more than irritating.

At least the stimulus check will go off into the economy and make things all better for America. Sheesh, what I do for this country.

Parading Around for Obama

It’s official. I am “marching” in the 4th of July parade. Okay, with my bad feet it’ll be more like limping, but I’ll be ready for it. We’ll carry some Obama signs and hand out Obama buttons. We should get a good reception from the Flagstaff crowd.

There’s nothing like living in a small city where you can easily limp in the parade.