Is My Mouth Foaming Yet?

I’ve mentioned the joy of having a killer kitty here and here. She brings sweet little meadowland creatures in and slaughters them. I try to save them. Well, yesterday I tried again. This pack rat or vole or some kind of rodent was what Lulu brought in. It was still alive.

Now, it takes a quick move to grab a still living critter once the cat has dropped it. Often the mice she brings in are paralyzed with fear and I have a moment or two to grab them and get them out. This time? The rodent was squirming to get up when I picked it up bare-handed. It was pissed and didn’t seem to feel that I was a Disney heroine out to save the poor little Disney creature. The damn thing bit me. On my thumb.

I called the vet, Animal Control, and the doctor. The vet would charge over $100 to do rabies testing. Animal Control let me know that rodents don’t seem to have rabies…at least in this state. The doctor? I went there for a tetanus shot.

The sad news is that the rodent died anyway. Whether it was due to the cat mauling it and then me scaring the hell out of it and it then being forced into a shoe box, it didn’t survive. Poor thing.

Still, I guess I should read up on the symptoms of rabies, hanta virus, and the various diseases I may face. Damn rodent. Damn Lulu.


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