Politics, Planning, and Social Gatherings

Tonight, after work, I went to a City Council meeting. I rarely would do such a thing, but tonight they swore in the new mayor and City Council members. One of my old DFA (Democracy for America) buddies, Karla Brewster got sworn in as one of those City Council folks.

Some of the DFA regulars were there and it was good to socialize with them. I committed to being in the 4th of July parade. It’ll be hot, I’ll stand for too long on my bad foot, and I’ll end up sleeping the rest of the day, but it’s been fun the other times I’ve done it.

Then I rushed home, fed the animals, fed myself, and joined one of the Netroots Nation in Second Life planning meetings. I’m one of the committee heads. Hard to believe, but I’m in charge of the social events for the event in July. I’m also on several other committees. I’m off for five days starting Friday, so hope to actually get some stuff done.

The fun part about these planning meetings is that we socialize afterwards. Tonight we watched Al Gore’s endorsement of Obama, plus various other videos, including the new MoveOn ad, and a very entertaining video about McCain’s use of a very offensive word.

A picture of me leading a committee meeting:

Moran leading the Social Events planning meeting

So tomorrow night is another political and social event. It’s the parade planning meeting. It’ll be fun too…I hope.

Well, here are links to the three videos I mentioned. Watch out, the last one has a bad, bad word (used to hilarious effect).

Gore and Obama:

MoveOn.org ad:

McCain’s Very Bad Word or “He Said it First”

I’ll save the Bollywood Obama for another day.


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