Chair Heaven

I am a sucker for infomercials. Oh, not at first. I’ll roll my eyes with the best of them, but after the hundredth time hearing/watching them I usually convinced. It’s really bad when you fall asleep on the couch at night and doze through an infomercial. You’re programmed in your sleep to want to buy the item.

Anyway, Stinky Lulu linked to this video: Ellen Degeneres Versus the Hawaii Chair:

Oh man, I would’ve bought that after a long night of dozing during the infomercial.


Meet Dave review

All right, I’m almost caught up with posting my reviews. Though I doubt many folks are interested in this film. Eddie Murphy just has this bad habit of making bad movies. Here’s my review of Meet Dave.


Well it happened. After years of taunts and laughter from my co-workers, I finally fell victim to the peer pressure. Yes, I gave up the PC and am now using a Mac. Oh, the horror.

It actually comes in handy for work. The Mac is set up with both a Mac and Windows operating system, so I can use both. I can even have them running at the same time when using Parallels, but that’s mighty confusing, I have to admit. I’ll have to see how the next few days at work go as I familiarize myself with this new way of working.

One benefit of the Mac laptop* is that I can pick it up and attend meetings. Another benefit is that I got a huge extra monitor to go with it. I have lots of screen space on my two monitors. It’s very, very nice.

*Dawn, it was yours. Yes, it took one of our team leaving to go off to school in Minneapolis for me to get the”new”  computer.

Be Kind Rewind review

Another review to post. Still not caught up, but I’m getting there. Be Kind Rewind never showed up at our one 11-screen cinema. I have to catch these movies on DVD. This one was entertaining, but not as fun as I had hoped. Anyway, here’s my review.

WALL-E review

Well, I’m watching Tremors and having a good time. Let’s see if I can catch up on posting some of my older reviews. Here’s one for a movie I loved. Pixar just knows how to make an entertaining film. WALL-E just made me smile. Here’s my review.

I Suck as a Blogger, but Excel as a Movie Watcher

I don’t know why I have such an antipathy to posting here. I wonder if it’s due to finishing my degree? I could always use a blog post as a delaying tactic for homework. Now there’s no homework, so no posting.

I have a few more movie reviews to post. I’ll do that later tonight when zoning out in front of the TV. Last night it was George of the Jungle (hey, it makes me laugh); tonight will be either more season 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Tremors (hey, like George of the Jungle, it makes me laugh). Yeah, so much for the last disc of the HBO John Adams series I’ve had checked out for two weeks from Netflix. Please don’t make me think!

All right, back to getting some things done before watching a movie and writing another blog post.

My Favorite Day

Yes, it’s Saturday! And this morning has started lovely. Lounging in my bed for a few hours while reading, then making and eating a leisurely breakfast, and now just surfing the web for a bit before heading off to do some errands, and then later it’s off to see a movie — in this case, the new X-Files flick.

I like these kinds of Saturdays. Some lazing; some activity. It works for me.