I just got back from the DFA meeting. Okay, I didn’t just get back — I had to feed the animals and myself before opening up the laptop. Anyway, the meeting was a good one. We’re planning for our march in the 4th of July parade and the t-shirts for the paraded were handed out. A lovely purple with the words “Obama for Change” on them. As for marching, I need to ice my feet just to prepare for it, much less after the parade when they’ll really be hurting..

Another fun thing about tonight’s meeting was the chance to meet and hear Howard Shanker speak. Running for Congressional District 1here in Arizona, he was impressive.

There’s another local candidate, Ann Kirkpatrick, that I like. I’ve known Ann for years so I am leaning towards her for the primary, but I also want a good, progressive candidate. Who would be more progressive? I think Ann would be good, but Howard may be better.  Of course, one reason I like her is that I am playing identity politics with Ann. No, I don’t want to vote for her because she’s a woman, but because she is a born-and-bred Arizona gal. :There aren’t many of us at our age. Still, maybe I should be worried.  Ann had gorgeous, long, curly hair and she’s turned her hair style into Republican Barbie. Maybe that’s a bad sign.

Before Hair:

Ann Kirkpatrick with curly hair

After Hair (Republican Barbie style):

Ann Kirkpatrick with Republican Barbie hair

If hair is a symbol of one’s politics, maybe Ann isn’t as progressive as I want her to be. Hmmm…you think I should go to one of her upcoming events and ask her about how she feels her politics align to her hair style? And if I do, do you think they’ll throw me out right then and there or wait politely until no one is looking?


3 Responses to “Politicking”

  1. Jane2 Says:

    She hasn’t dyed it brunette (the new blonde for Serious Conservative Politician Ladies) so I think you’re pretty safe with her still.

  2. Harriet S. Says:

    I love this post! Hilarious about her hair– I had seen both of those pictures but hadn’t given thought to the transformation.
    And as far as the candidates– I think you’re right on. Ann would be good, Howard would be better. I heard him at the June 29th candidate forum in Cottonwood.

  3. The Day Before the Election « DilettanteVille Says:

    […] fun today was that Ann Kirkpatrick showed up to do some phone-banking herself. I even got to ask her about her hair. Okay, what a silly thing to ask, but I loved her curly locks, and as a curly girl myself, I felt […]

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