Oh, My Aching Feet

I’m home from the 4th of July parade. Yes, I did walk in the parade — I carried the DFA Obama for Change banner — and I have to say that I’m now quite the pooped parade walker. My feet are killing me. I’ve got them on ice, and I think a nap is definitely in my future.

As for the parade, it was it’s usual fun madness. The Republicans booed us, but in a nice way, with smiles exchanged by all. Others whooped and hollered when they saw our Obama shirts and the banner.

The parade goers do have it hard in election years, as the parade extends even longer due to all the candidate entries. We had several near us. There was Howard Shanker, running for AZ CD-1, Mary Kim Titla came up to Flagstaff to make an appearance, and Ann Kirkpatrick had a “float” in the parade, but I didn’t see if she was actually there.  There were plenty of folks running in the local races too. Tom Chabin and Chris Deschene were there, both running for the Legislative District 2 race. I think Mark Haughwout was there too but I didn’t meet him. I did talk to one of my favorite candidates. Kara Kelty is running for Corporation Commission. She used to be on the City Council and I’ve always liked her. She’d faced a campaign against someone challenging her nominating petitions. She won that battle.

Now, I do know that the Republican side of things was also represented in the parades, but the parade organizers somehow decided that the Republican groups and the Democratic groups should have some good distance from each other. Good decision! 😉

Well, that nap waits for me, and then I want to finish some things up for the Netroots Nation in Second Life convention that begins in less than two weeks. I’ll be writing more about that later.

Oh! I almost forgot! Happy Independence Day!


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