Netroots Nation – Second Life Style!

I’d say I’m tuckered out, but I’m too excited to be tuckered out! Next week is the big Netroots Nation convention in Austin, Texas. It’s the annual gathering of political progressives.  So, am I going to Austin and that’s why I’m excited? Heck no! It’s Austin in July, why would anyone get excited? Nope, I’m staying  right here on the couch with my laptop. There is a Netroots Nation in Second Life convention also. Yep, Ms. Moran Singh is going all conventioneer style next week in Second Life.

What’s even more fun, and what’s leading to some of the tuckered out feeling, is that I’m one of the organizers for the Second Life event. Yep, I’m in charge of the Social Events. Yeah, me, Miss Unsocial.

Everyone’s been incredibly involved creating this event. We’ll be streaming video from Austin, plus putting on our own panels. We’ve worked hard on creating buildings, ballrooms, orientation areas, exhibition booths, and all kinds of things. The learning opportunities keep coming my way.

Here’s a view of the ballroom at Netroots Nation Island (

Ballroom at Netroots Nation Island

Ballroom at Netroots Nation Island

Here’s the orientation area. Any newbies can find themselves right at home. They can even pick up some freebies, including avatars and outfits.

Netroots Nation Island orientation area

Netroots Nation Island orientation area

For more information about Netroots Nation in Second Life (or NNinSL for short), check out the web site and blog. It’s free. Anyone who cares about politics, community organizing, health care, economics, and anything else to do with how our country is run, should join us.

So, what does a fashionable person wear to Netroots Nation in Second Life? What a silly question!

Moran in her NNinSL t-shirt

Moran in her NNinSL t-shirt


2 Responses to “Netroots Nation – Second Life Style!”

  1. Alex Steed [of Make Something Happen] Says:

    I continue to be endlessly interested in conferences in Second Life and I just asked this question elsewhere – But I really am interested – Conferences in Second Life. What, aside from air conditioning outside of July in Austin, does one get out of a conference attended at Second Life that they don’t face to face. What do they miss?

  2. Today in eAction News // Cant Make It In Real Life? Second Life It. | Make Something Happen Says:

    […] folks are discussing the upcoming Netroots Nation and its place in the virtual arena Second Life. Here, “Miss Unsocial” discusses “taking charge of Social Events” at the virtual event. She says that there’ll be streaming video, the creation of virtual […]

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