Clone Me, Please!

Too much to do today. I have to get the movie Meet Dave out of the way and write a review, finish some signs for the Netroots Nation in Second Life convention, pick up some groceries, pick up laundry, and vacuum the layer of dog fur out of the carpet. What’s worse is that now I also have to take my dog to the vet. Yes, another foxtail in the ear. Dang dog.

I also want to pick up some dining chairs. I mean, it’s not too polite to have my great-niece Catherine show up tomorrow and she has no please to sit when we eat. I’ve been meaning to pick up some chairs, and I know which ones I want, but I just have to go get them.

Catherine is staying with me Sunday and Monday night, before I return her to Phoenix on Tuesday, where her grandpa (my brother) will enjoy her company. Catherine is heading off to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. This girl get to travel way more than me.

I do worry that she’ll hate the entire time she’s with me. I know that my niece Jamie loves hanging out with me (yes, spoiling works on nieces!), but Catherine and I haven’t had as much time together, since she lives in California.

Anyway, I had my day scheduled out, but the vet appointment has messed that up. Well, back to work. I can’t find a clone to do it all for me while I lay in bed reading, so it’s up to me.


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