I just survived a visit from my great-niece, Catherine. A very smart nine-year old, Catherine sure knows how to enjoy herself.  We survived a torrential downpour. There is nothing like going to a movie and taking off your very wet shoes and socks, which we did. We survived any passing of wind (I tell you, fart jokes can really get a nine-year old giggling). I survived the rigors of keeping Catherine entertained and managed adequately. Though I do have to say that I’m pooped. She slept much better than I.

I also survived the trip back from Phoenix today. Talking about torrential downpours, try to imagine standing water on an incline — that’s how fast and hard the rain was coming down. So, a 75 mile an hour zone becomes 40. It does cause accidents. On one of the rainy sections, a car had flipped. The worst part of the trip was up near the rim. That’s where you could see water filling the road, even though we were going uphill. It’s amazing.

So, I survived all of that. Now I have to get ready for Netroots Nation. If you decide to join us, I’ll be the one in the corner, napping. It’s my survival technique.


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