NN in SL

Does that title make sense? Well, it’s Netroots Nation in Second Life, but that’s one long title, so let me shorten it. I can shorten it even more by just using NNSL. Yes, the lazy person’s way of blogging — use acronyms of few letters.

Well, tonight is the kick off event for Netroots Nation and we’re streaming the video of Howard Dean and Wesley Clark into Second Life.  There’s a Second Life panel discussion, dancing, and movie-going.  I’m ready for it.  Here’s today’s schedule as listed at the NNSL web site:

… All times are Second Life Time, also known as Pacific Daylight Time:

1:00 PM — An SL/NN Meetup! Here’s a chance to do some comingling with the Austin crowd at Netroots Nation. Yes, Austin and Second Life will meet. Head for the Netroots Arena.

5:30-6:30 PM — Austin Keynote Address
: Gov Howard Dean and (ret) Gen Wes Clark. This will stream into Netroots Arena.

6:30-7:30 PM — “What They Said” Commentary by Joan McCarter (McJoan), Jimbo Hoyer, GenJCChristian Homewood and Cliff Schecter. This is a Second Life panel held at Netroots Arena.

7:30-10:00 PM — SL Opening Party.
We’ll be chatting and dancing at the same time – very easy to do in Second Life – at the Netroots Island Ballroom.

9:00-whenever – “The Corporation.
” It’s a special Netroots Nation screening of “The Corporation” at the Marxist/Lennonist Party Headquarters (this will open up the SLURL for the location, which is not on Netroots Nation Island ).

It’s fun meeting new people to Second Life, plus the SL old-timers who are showing up for their first political event in SL. Why don’t you join us!


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