Well it happened. After years of taunts and laughter from my co-workers, I finally fell victim to the peer pressure. Yes, I gave up the PC and am now using a Mac. Oh, the horror.

It actually comes in handy for work. The Mac is set up with both a Mac and Windows operating system, so I can use both. I can even have them running at the same time when using Parallels, but that’s mighty confusing, I have to admit. I’ll have to see how the next few days at work go as I familiarize myself with this new way of working.

One benefit of the Mac laptop* is that I can pick it up and attend meetings. Another benefit is that I got a huge extra monitor to go with it. I have lots of screen space on my two monitors. It’s very, very nice.

*Dawn, it was yours. Yes, it took one of our team leaving to go off to school in Minneapolis for me to get the”new”  computer.


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