Just Because

Today was a day off in all kinds of ways. I didn’t do much, other than empty the garbage and recycling, and fixing up some good meals. I ended up mighty lazy, though Spencer managed to coax a short walk out of me.

This morning I did try to do some research on the web. My Aunt Karen died yesterday and as memories of her came to mind, one song seemed to wind it’s way through my brain. I found myself singing it in the shower. Aunt Karen used to sing this song.  In her younger days, she played in a band at some of the finer rural bars in Arizona (if anyone knows what rural bars are like in Arizona, well let’s just say “fine” is a relative term). Aunt Karen could play a mean boogie woogie on the piano and knew how to get a party going.

The song that comes to mind is “Just Because.” It’s an old country-western tune — I discovered how old during my research today. The Nelstone Hawaiians sang it way back in 1929. Elvis Presley covered it in 1954. But the version I seem to hear is Patti Page’s version from her 1961 Country & Western Golden Hits album. I probably hear that one the most, because I actually have the album. And yes, I mean album as in the old vinyl LP kind of thing. It was Mom’s and when she was getting rid of old albums I snatched that one up, mainly due to the song “Just Because,” though there’s a lovely version of “Please Help Me, I’m Falling” on it too.

Here’s a picture of the album — not mine, I downloaded this from the web, mine is much more tattered looking. The album is not available as a digital download, but I’d buy it if it was. The funeral is in Payson on Monday. I’ll be driving for two hours or so and wish that I had the music on CD.

It’s certainly a nice memory to have of a family member: the song she loved that I love too. I’ll miss Aunt Karen’s laughter and music.

If you want to hear the song, here’s the Elvis version of “Just Because”:


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