More Conventional Me — I’m Jazzed

Man, what a great set of speeches tonight at the Democratic Convention. Jeez, Bill Clinton is amazing. The speech started slow, but when he warmed up I did not want the man to stop. His ability to lay out what the Republican rule did to us just got to me:

“…he (McCain) still embraces the extreme philosophy which has defined his party for more than 25 years, a philosophy we never had a real chance to see in action until 2001, when the Republicans finally gained control of both the White House and Congress. Then we saw what would happen to America if the policies they had talked about for decades were implemented.

They took us from record surpluses to an exploding national debt; from over 22 million new jobs down to 5 million; from an increase in working family incomes of $7,500 to a decline of more than $2,000; from almost 8 million Americans moving out of poverty to more than 5 and a half million falling into poverty – and millions more losing their health insurance.

Now, in spite of all the evidence, their candidate is promising more of the same: More tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that will swell the deficit, increase inequality, and weaken the economy. More band-aids for health care that will enrich insurance companies, impoverish families and increase the number of uninsured. More going it alone in the world, instead of building the shared responsibilities and shared opportunities necessary to advance our security and restore our influence.”

Update: Video of Bill Clinton

And I bet most people missed John Kerry (I gather the TV networks have to have network talking heads pontificating about the speeches and not actually showing the speeches), but Kerry was awesome.

Update: Video John Kerry’s speech

The Bidens finished things off with verve and then Obama showed up. It was a great night.

I am so excited about tomorrow night and Obama’s speech.


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