I Feel Pretty….Pretty Tired

I survived the first week of the semester, one of the busiest times of the year for me, plus I had to watch all the Democratic Convention speeches at night (damn, Obama gave a great speech, didn’t he?). So, let’s just say that I’m tired.

This three-day weekend is a wonderful chance to lounge about, and even though I’m on call today, it’s really quiet at work and I had a chance to catch up on some snapshotting in Second Life. Now in Second Life, I don’t feel pretty tired, I just feel pretty.

Last week I saw a blog post on Fashion Planet showing off some clothes from Zaara, plus a cute, curly hairstyle from Fetish. I ran out and bought both. I certainly am not doing anything social in Second Life, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting new hair, skin, and clothes.

Here I am in Zaara’s Anjuna in green and Fetish’s Adora hair in black. The glasses are from Solar.

I would dress like that if I could. Casual, fun, and showing my belly button. Of course, in Real Life, no one wants to see my belly button. Trust me on that.

I bought the skin I’m wearing in the above photo from Nora. She had a great going-out-of-business sale a few weeks ago and I picked up this Samantha skin in the Ginger tone in Green Apple makeup at great prices. I’ve picked up a few more skins, because I can’t help myself. The following skins are the Nora skin (I’m showing off that green eyeshadow), KA skin in Drama in the Pale tone, KA freebie Special Edition skin in Dark Tan, and Tres Very’s Fuchsia Fit in the Tan tone:

I purchased the new hairdo from Find Ash. It’s the Clever Trickster in Neo Black. I keep thinking of hitting the big Hair Fair in Second Life, but I know I’ll go crazy and buy everything.

I put together an outfit with a shirt I bought at Zaara’s called Indian Summer. It’s in green and plum. I didn’t buy a pair of pants or a skirt to go with the top, and discovered that the bold colors don’t look right with jeans. Luckily, I’m a crazed shopper. I stumbled across these green capris from Aoharu in my inventory. Never worn, they now have a blouse I want to wear with them. The jewelry is from Zaara’s and is part of the Melange set. The shoes are Armidi’s Viniani Heel in Eggplant. The makeup is the Tres Very Fuchsia Fit in Tan.

It’s not often that one can wear such a symphony of lime and plum. It certainly looks more vibrant than I feel, sitting here on the couch. Ah heck. I feel better after putting together these snapshots. Let’s just say that I feel pretty!


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