The Rocker review

Here’s my review of The Rocker. Is the movie even in theaters still?


Ouch — I Need Ice Cream

The surgery to cut down some bone and gum back next to my last upper left molar caused discomfort. Luckily I didn’t have so much pain that I needed to take any of the pain medication prescribed to me. That was two weeks ago.

Yesterday I had the stitches removed. So today was the day to fill the “cavity” caused by that old wisdom tooth that caused the indentation in the side of my tooth (the wisdom tooth didn’t pop out and forced itself against my molar for many, many years, until removed about six years ago.

So, the filling ended up impossible due to how the size of the cave in my molar. I will now have a crown. I’m wearing a temporary one and it hurts like the dickens. According to my dentist the crown is up against the bone, next to the root. I’m feeling it.

I just have to say that it makes for an odd moment when your dentist in a frustrated manner tries to figure out what’s going on and suddenly stops and says excitedly, “Ooh, that’s interesting.” Yeah, he saw something in my tooth that he’d never seen before. My tooth roots are visible. Lovely. Thus the crown must be very deep to cover it all.

Anyway, the title says it all. I need ice cream.


As it is now autumn, it seems funny to watch a movie called Summertime. I’m glad I did. The movie is a middle-aged woman’s fantasy. It includes a vacation to gorgeous Venice, meeting a handsome Italian, and love blossomimg in the Venetian night air.

The movie stars Katherine Hepburn as the spinsterish tourist. Rossani Brazzi is her lover. David Lean directs this propaganda film for Venice, Italy. It’s beautiful to watch, with scenery galore.

A trip to Italy one future summer would definitely be on my fantasy list. If a handsome Italian lover showed up, I wouldn’t complain.

Gee Whiz — Crazy Day

So I drive down to Sedona today to have some stitches pulled by the periodontist who did some surgery on my mouth two weeks ago. It was a lovely day, except for a huge plume of smoke rising above Oak Creek Canyon (controlled burn? Maybe). I stop and have lunch in Sedona, drive up and stop for groceries, come home, open up the laptop, and discover all hell is breaking loose.

The bailout failed? Wow. I’m actually happy that it did, but do hope we get something in place in the long run that isn’t such a giveaway to the Wall Street idiots.

The Dow loses 777 points? Now that will certainly put pressure on Congress to do something. I just hope they do something smart, but don’t have high hopes. You know what I’d like? If all those folks who made tons of money working for the banks that screwed up could be taxed up the ying yang. If tax dollars are going to make their life right again, then let them pay for a good share of it.

I’m just wondering what else is in store for us. I wonder what happens when I go to my regular dentist tomorrow for a filling. Will I return to work and discover that stockbrokers are jumping out of windows on Wall Street?

I’m telling you, interesting days we live in. My retirement funds may disappear, but at least my teeth will be healthy.

Lakeview Trail

I took poor Spencer on another hike today. With my feet feeling much better, I’m going for more distance. Spencer loves going out and walking, but his short little legs do get tired after a distance. This is a benefit to me. I have to stop and rest while Spencer rests (he’s smart, he waits until he finds a shady spot to stop and sit).

Today I took a short drive out to Mormon Lake. I’d done the Lakeview Trail in the past, but it’s been years. With a total of two and a half miles, it would also test how much mileage can my right foot can handle. And, yay! My foot never hurt at all.

It’s a very nice hike — shady, with lots of oak and pine trees. There’s even a little spring that Spencer can romp in at the start of the hike. The leaves on the oaks were beginning to change, which gives this hike a very nice Fall feel.

It’s so exciting to be able to pull out the Flagstaff Hikes book and explore possible hikes. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do this. I just hope Spencer with his short legs can handle it.

Tonight’s Viewing

I just watched Baby Mama. not a brilliant comedy, but it’s friendly in its own baby-worshipping way.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars review

Goodness, I didn’t realize I had some reviews “unposted” — how can that happen? Too much knitting? Anyway, here’s my review of the animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Interesting, but rather too late.