Spider Invasion

It’s the time of year when it cools down at night. It gets to the low 40s. I love it. Unfortunately, the spiders don’t seem to like cool weather. They like to come inside, and that means they come inside to my house. Yeck.

I drowned one in the kitchen sink yesterday, drowned another today in the tub (they really shouldn’t hang out in any location that has water — I like this way of easily removing spiders. If I find one in some locations, I’ll get them on my broom and take them outside…and hope they don’t come back in.

Last night I had that special thrill that gets the adrenaline going. I looked down to see a spider traveling across my stomach. Yes, I screamed/squealed and jumped up, brushing the poor thing off of me. Man, I hate that. It was a big spider too. I couldn’t find it after getting it off of me, which meant I had the willies the rest of the night, looking around for the darn thing. Maybe it was the one I drowned this morning?

I expect to see more as autumn begins. I love the Fall, but I do hate the spiders.


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