Gee Whiz — Crazy Day

So I drive down to Sedona today to have some stitches pulled by the periodontist who did some surgery on my mouth two weeks ago. It was a lovely day, except for a huge plume of smoke rising above Oak Creek Canyon (controlled burn? Maybe). I stop and have lunch in Sedona, drive up and stop for groceries, come home, open up the laptop, and discover all hell is breaking loose.

The bailout failed? Wow. I’m actually happy that it did, but do hope we get something in place in the long run that isn’t such a giveaway to the Wall Street idiots.

The Dow loses 777 points? Now that will certainly put pressure on Congress to do something. I just hope they do something smart, but don’t have high hopes. You know what I’d like? If all those folks who made tons of money working for the banks that screwed up could be taxed up the ying yang. If tax dollars are going to make their life right again, then let them pay for a good share of it.

I’m just wondering what else is in store for us. I wonder what happens when I go to my regular dentist tomorrow for a filling. Will I return to work and discover that stockbrokers are jumping out of windows on Wall Street?

I’m telling you, interesting days we live in. My retirement funds may disappear, but at least my teeth will be healthy.


One Response to “Gee Whiz — Crazy Day”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Scary stuff indeed… it makes me wonder if we shouldtake what small amount we have saved and put it in a shoebox under the bed… hmmm…

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