Ouch — I Need Ice Cream

The surgery to cut down some bone and gum back next to my last upper left molar caused discomfort. Luckily I didn’t have so much pain that I needed to take any of the pain medication prescribed to me. That was two weeks ago.

Yesterday I had the stitches removed. So today was the day to fill the “cavity” caused by that old wisdom tooth that caused the indentation in the side of my tooth (the wisdom tooth didn’t pop out and forced itself against my molar for many, many years, until removed about six years ago.

So, the filling ended up impossible due to how the size of the cave in my molar. I will now have a crown. I’m wearing a temporary one and it hurts like the dickens. According to my dentist the crown is up against the bone, next to the root. I’m feeling it.

I just have to say that it makes for an odd moment when your dentist in a frustrated manner tries to figure out what’s going on and suddenly stops and says excitedly, “Ooh, that’s interesting.” Yeah, he saw something in my tooth that he’d never seen before. My tooth roots are visible. Lovely. Thus the crown must be very deep to cover it all.

Anyway, the title says it all. I need ice cream.


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