Obama Got One Vote Today

No, this isn’t an inspirational anecdote about someone who decided to vote for Obama. No, this is just a post to say that I went out and voted today.

I love voting early. I just have to go down to the county offices and you can get in and vote. If you live in Coconino county, here are the locations you can go and vote: Early Voting Sites.

My biggest issue with voting is that the list of propositions can confuse me. I must study them, discuss them with others, and then make my list. This year it’s easy. Vote no on all of them except the last one. Not many would agree about the last one. That’s the proposition to increase the state legislators’ salaries. It rarely passes, but my belief is that the low salary only allows the wealthy to run for office. And who knows? Someday I may want to run for office — it would be nice to have a salary greater than $26,000.

I also usually fret over the judges section — where we are asked whether this judge or that judge should be retained. How the heck should I know? I don’t want to vote to retain someone who is a judicial idiot, but i don’t want to vote to get rid of someone who’s been doing a decent job. Usually I just don’t vote that section. Until today’s discovery: a site that reviews the judges’ performances. The Arizona Commission on Judicial Performances gets feedback from attorneys and other judges. I checked the list that Coconino county voters would vote on and the three judges look pretty darn good.

So I voted today, and you know what? It feels pretty darn frakking good. Fingers crossed, prayers said, and may this election turn out good.


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