Stupid Dog

I come home late tonight and discover that my food cupboard was invaded. I walk in and see a package of dried noodles with sauce all over the floor. How my dog thought that would taste good I have no idea. Then I discovered a package of whole wheat spaghetti spread across the floor. Jeez.

I did notice that Spencer got the package of dried chili peppers open, but didn’t eat much out of that package. I did notice the water dish was also empty. That may have taught him a lesson. Still, I’m more worried about the dried apricots he ate. i know I can’t eat too much dried fruit without having digestive difficulties. I’m afraid how this will hit the dog.

Anyway, I think I’m back to putting the silly bungee cord over the lower cabinets’ handles. Sigh. He is a stupid dog, isn’t he?

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One Response to “Stupid Dog”

  1. Tater Says:

    I know how you feel. Thank the lord for bungee cords. lol

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