Gigi Tonight

This semester I have not made it to the weekly NAU Film Series. Lots of good movies fought lots of good excuses for just going home and missing the films. Not tonight. No excuses at all. I’m going. For the movie is one of my all-time favorites: Gigi.

Starring a wonderful Leslie Caron, with Louis Jordan, Maurice Chevalier, and Hermione Gingold rounding out this top-nothch cast in this frothy MGM musical. Lerner and Loewe created a beautiful score for this musical version of Collette’s novel.

The film won nine Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director (Vincent Minnelli). It’s a fun movie with great performances and a wonderful style. Do see it if you haven’t.

Here’s a fun scene from the film:

Update: Ah, it was great seeing the movie with an audience. And the movie makes me want to return again to Paris. My last trip was 30 years ago, and every fountain or statue that I recognized from Gigi excited me no end — the camera came out at every one of them. It was frightening when our tour bus loaded with American airmen passed by the restaurant Maxim’s. I pushed everyone aside to get the picture of the building.


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